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Win an Award!
  Here you can win an award by reading the requirements and filling the form out completely:

Seal of Excellence:

1)For sites that show a great deal of work and dedication:
Lvl.-Very Hard
Graphic Approval:

Basically for a beginner site. Graphics must show effort.
Lvl.-Very Easy
Cute Award:

For sites that look cute and have cuter graphics.
Beautiful Graphics:

Graphics must show inner and outer beauty. More for established sites
Adorable Award:

Different from the cute award, this is more for sites with colors.
Lunar Wind:

A moderate difficulty one. Has to be an INTERESTING anime site, that I can tell is not a fake, or copied.
Award of Fun:

A moderately easy one. It must have lots of fun & interesting things that keep your visitor's attention. =)
Lvl.-Moderately Easy
Award of Elegance:

Graphics must be in a more elegant fashion, more for formal sites.
Lvl.-Moderately Hard



Site Name:

Site Address:

What award(s) would you like:

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