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Designer Notes 101
  This is the section where I talk about how and what I use to produce these graphics for you all to use. I hope you enjoy this section, too.

Graphic Programs to use

A little bit of evrything, is what I use. I use MS Paint, & Paint Shop Pro 7, Photoshop, & Paint Shop Pro 4.15 They're all great to use and this is why:
MS Paint- It's already on the computer! It allows you to cut and paste images on to a canvas already made.

Paint Shop Pro 7- One of the best around. It has great options and resolution. It also includes a dicer for layouts. The picture tube is a good thing to use for just adding things.

Photoshop- If you look in the right place it'll only cost you $5. I use this for manipulating the effects on images like: glass, fog, sepia tone, & moonlight tone.

Paint Shop Pro 4.15- Another fantastic JASC production. This allows you to screen capture anduse a flood fill feature called pattern.

Why do I design?

I guess this started a while ago. SSH was rising and I wanted to do more. So I began to do some graphic design with the help of my friends Snow White (of daydreamgraphics.com) and Sarabeth (of GRU http://animeart.com/gru). As you noticed MLW has gotten considerably larger in size, and somewhat gotten better in quality. All in all I design to share my talents and help other.