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Sailor Moon Border Backgrounds
  These are my Sailor Moon border backgrounds. Please download on to your own server by right clicking them and selecting "Save image as" or "Save as". Click on the text links to view them.

  • Manga and Anime Borders
Amara with a jacket
Amy with her hands clasped*
Darien holding a rose
Amy with an orange pillow
Hotaru with an elegant black dress on*
Lita on a newspaper background*
Lita with a gaze in green*
Lita with an orange tank top on*
Mina with a soccer ball*
Mina smirking*
Modelli shot of inner soldiers in civilian form*
Red hues of Raye*
Royal Family Border*
Trista in a bathing suit*
Tuxedo Mask with ice blades*

  • Symbolic Princess Collection* (Denotes all borders as manga)

Princess Jupiter
New Moon Princess
Princess Mars
Princess Mercury
Princess Serenity
Princess Neptune
Princess Pluto
Princess Saturn
Princess Uranus
Princess Venus
  • Tuxedo Collection* (Denotes all borders as manga)

Double Blonde (Mina & Serena)
Amara and Trista
Michelle & Hotaru