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Linkware Terms & Policies
  Here are the rules you must follow before using the graphics:

1) Graphics can be used for non-sailormoon, anime, & sailormoon pages.

2)They ARE NOT to be used for hentai sites.

3)These graphics are linkware only. This means that you must provide either a text link, banner, or button back to this site.

4)You may request graphics, but please allow up to 3 weeks for them to be finished.

5)You MUST give credit if you take graphics from my site.

6)Parts of MLW's layouts are not to be taken for any reason.

.:.Privacy Policy.:.

Moonlinkware is a hentai-free site, contains no offensive material, or pornography. Data sent to Rinoa Light is kept only if the sender needs a graphic or award. Info is then discarded. Guestbook info is not monitered by Rinoa Light & therefore at the signers discretion to reveal personal information. No cookies are located here, except my chocolate chip ones!

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All trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. Unless identified with the designation "COPY FREE", the contents of this website is copyrighted by "MoonLinkWare". You may not otherwise copy or transmit the contents of this website either electronically or in hard copies. HTML is coded by Rinoa Light and may not be reproduced as an EXACT copy, BUT may be used as a reference.