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How to make a generic tiling-patterns using letters...
  Tutorial # 5

  • The Steps:
    • Open up Paint Shop Pro 7.
    • Click on file and select new.
    • Set properties as shown here when the 'new image' menu pops up. Width 180 Height 160 Resolution 72.000.
      new image
    • Set the color to anyone you want, in this tutorial I'll be using white.
    • Press OK
    • Then go to the toolbar and select the 'text' button.

    • Select the size, style, color, fill and texture of your text. (**Make sure Create As: is on FLOATING) I would recommend using a size 26pt font.

    • Select OK when you are satisfied with your conditions, and right click with the compass rose to unselect the text.

    • Select Effects-->Reflection-->Kaleidoscope

    • Then press OK. If you are satisfied, select File-->Save As, and type in the file name.
    • Now you have a new and simple tiled background. Click here to see the example.

      Tip: Decrease it's loading time by going under Colors-->Decrease Color Depth-->256 Colors. This way your image will load faster.
      You can also add more text to make a more comlicated design, too! ^^ Or select pattern under Effects-->Reflection, then slect kaleidoscope afterwards. (**Remember to fade backgrounds if they are too dark**) Happy testing!